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Bringing 100% skill-based gameplay to the world of crypto
Fun, fair, inclusive & profitable.
Why play?
SuR is completely free-to-play and features simple mechanics. No need to be an experienced gamer or know blockchain well. Jump right in and play!
SuR is play-to-win, not pay-to-win. We think a good gaming landscape can be created only with skill-based games. No upgrades or special abilities in return for payment, everybody is equal here. Let the best fighter win!
SuR offers lots of different ways to make playing even more fun through NFTs & pixel art design. Our extensive customization system allows you to truly express yourself in the ring. Purchase skins created by us and our partners for your players to stand out. More customization options & cool NFTs are coming your way as we grow. Each new NFT drop will make the previous ones even more valuable & rare!
Fast & eco-friendly
SuR is committed to launch with fast, cheap and eco-friendly transactions.
Winning players have various ways to earn native $GLOVE tokens and NFTs in SuR. As the game is 100% skill-based, you can fight for tokens and earn even more. Completely legal thanks to our fair gameplay without elements of chance. Keep winning and earning!
SuR fights always happen in real-time with real people. You can choose to get on the ring and test your skills or socialize with others in the room while watching players fight. Over time Stumble upon Rumble will become even more social. More team-based events, tournaments, boss fights and mini-games are coming soon!
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How to play?
Choose & enter a server of up to 40 people, join the live queue and get on the ring with your opponent. When it is your turn, you can choose how many tokens you'd like to fight for (if any) and start fighting. If you win, you take the other player’s tokens, stay in the ring and fight the next opponent. If you lose, you get back in the room, watch other players fight, socialize with other players and jump in the queue again if you feel like it.
In the ring you can move in 8 directions: up, down, left, right, and diagonally. We made your movement fast & instant, so you can build your own technique and use it to deceive and trick your opponent.
You have 3 attack mechanics in the game: punching, kicking and blocking. Following a Rock-Paper-Scissors design, each of them beats one but loses to the other. The punch is fast but can be blocked, leaving the player stunned. The kick goes straight through the block but takes a while to execute, making it counterable with a punch. The block can instantly stun but ties the player to one place and can be passed with a kick.
In-game NFTs
Express yourself freely and look just the way you want in SuR
Choose your custom fighter, hat and arena for the match. The first NFT drop is coming soon!
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The OG Rumblers

David Seegers
Founder & CEO
Jari Senhorst
& Lead Game Developer
Roman Tsarovsky
Head of Blockchain
& Web3
Ariyan Brkic
Art Director
Danny van Beek
Technical Artist
& Game Developer
Kseniia Baziian
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